• 21 Day English Beef

    All of our carcass butchered beef is UK sourced from local farmers and of the highest quality available.

    Rump Steak £17.99/kg
    Sirloin Steak £23.50/kg
    Rib Eye Steak £25.99/kg
    T-Bone Steak £18.00/kg
    Fillet Steak £40.00/kg
    Top Steak £9.90/kg
    extra lean Braising Steak £9.90/kg
    Skirt Steak (bavette)£12.99/kg
    Chuck Steak £9.90/kg
    Slow Cook Flat Rib £6.99/kg
    Stewing Steak £9.90 
    shin beef £9.90/kg                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    Beef Cheek £6.59/kg
    Ox Tail £7.99/kg
    Extra Lean Casserole Steak £9.90/kg
    Minced Beef £5.99 or buy 2lb(905g) for £5.00
    Extra Lean Minced Beef £9.90/kg less than 5% fat
    Extra Thin Sandwich Steak 12oz Packs £11.00/kg approx. £3.99/pack
    Topside Beef Roast £11.99kg
    Rolled Sirloin Roast £22.50/kg
    Rolled Brisket Roast £8.99/kg
    Rolled Rib Beef Roast £23.99/kg
    Fore rib roast £12.50/kg aprox. £15.00 per rib
    Fore rib roast (boneless) £22.00/kg


  • Fresh Bakewell Lamb

    All of our carcass butchered fresh lamb is out door reared in the UK and is of the highest quality available.

    Lamb Chops £15.99/KG
    Lamb Steaks £18.00/KG
    Lamb Cutlets £18.00/KG
    Barnsley chops £3.99each
    Lamb Racks £15.99/kg
    Lamb Loin Fillet (Barrel-fully trimmed)£35.00/kg
    Lamb Neck Fillet £11.00/kg
    Diced Lamb £12.99/kg
    Shoulder Lamb On The Bone £7.50/kg
    Boned And Rolled Lamb Shoulder Roast £9.90/kg
    Leg Of Lamb On The Bone Roast £9.00/kg
    Boneless Leg Lamb Roast £12.50/kg
    Breast Of Lamb £5.99/kg
    Neck End Of Lamb £5.99/kg
    Minced Lamb £6.99/kg
    Minted Lamb Steaks £9.90/kg
    Whole lamb rump £4.99 each
    Shank Of Lamb £12.00/kg
    Lamb shish kebab £2.49each
    Fresh mutton (bone in) £6.59/kg


  • Fresh Marr Grange Pork

    All of our fresh pork is out door reared localy in the UK and is of the highest quality available.

    Pork chops £6.99/kg
    Pork Leg Steak £8.80/kg
    Pork loin steak £6.99/kg
    Pork Fillet (tender loin)£9.90/kg
    Pork Belly Rib £4.99/kg
    Pork Loin (Baby Back) Ribs £5.99
    Pork Belly £4.99/kg
    Pork hock £1.89 each
    Pork Loin Roast (Bone In) £5.99/kg
    Pork Loin Roast (Boneless) £7.00/kg
    Pork Leg Roast (Bone In) £3.00/kg
    Pork Leg Roast (Boneless) £5.50/kg
    Pork shoulder roast (bone in) £3.00/kg
    Pork shoulder roast (boneless) £3.99/kg
    Pork neck fillet £5.99/kg
    Minced Pork £3.89/kg
    Friuty chilli pork shish 99p eah or 6 for £5.00
    Chinese pork ribs £4.99/kg
    Smokey bbq pork ribs £4.99/kg


  • Scottish Forestry Commission Venison

    Venison Haunch Steak £2.99each 6oz
    Venison Loin Steak £37.50/kg
    Venison Saddle £22.00/kg
    Venison Haunch Roast (Boneless) £18.00/kg
    Venison Haunch Roast (Bone In) £12.99/kg
    Diced Venison £9.90/kg
    Venison Mince £6.59/kg
    Venison Shoulder £4.99/kg

  • Home Made Award Winning Sausage

    All of our sausage is carefully hand prepared on the premises using only fresh UK sourced natural ingredients.

    Award winning millers special £7.99/kg
    Tomato Sausage £7.99/kg
    Venison Sausage £7.99/kg
    Sausage Meat £2.49/500g
    Glutton Free Pork Sausage £7.99/kg
    Boerowors(south african bbq sausage) £8.80/kg
    Lincolnshire Sausage £7.99/kg
    Welsh dragon(chilli and leak) £7.99/kg
    Pork chipalatas £7.99/kg


  • Fish

    All of our fresh fish is obtained from sustainable sources.

    Fresh cod fillet £16.99/kg
    Fresh salmon fillet £18.00/kg
    Fresh sea bass fillet £18.00/kg
    Fresh haddock fillet £12.99/kg
    Fresh rainbow trout fillet £8.80/kg
    Fresh finnan haddock(smoked)£13.99/kg
    Sword fish steaks £3.99each
    Cockles 99p/100g
    Mussels 99p/100g
    Whelks 99p/100g
    Tiger prawns £1.80/100g
    Dressed crabs £5.99 each
    Whole boiled crabs £5.99 each


  • Fresh Farm Assured British Poultry

    All of our poultry is UK. sourced from ethically checked producers.

    Ford valley free range valley Turkeys £8.99/kg 
    Boneless free range turkey crowns £8.99/kg 
    Fresh capons(large roaster)£8.49/kg 
    Free range geese £13.00/kg
    Balentine (bird in a bird roast) quote given on enquiery
    Fresh english chicken breast fillets £9.90/kg
    Freshenglish chicken thigh fillets £5.99/kg
    Fresh englishchicken legs 4 for 2.99
    Fresh chicken drumsticks£4.50/kg
    Fresh english chicken breasts bone in£6.59/kg
    Fresh english chicken supremes(skin on) £1.80each
    Whole north yorkshire chicken £3.49/kg
    Stuffed chicken breast (creamed mushroom garlic) £2.99each
    Stuffed chicken breast (goats cheese challots tomato £2.99each
    hunters chicken- bbq sauce bacon cheese
    free range fresh duck £7.99
    Whole duck £4.99/kg
    Duck breasts £16.99/kg
    Duck legs £6.59/kg
    Chicken liver £4.50/kg
    Duck liver £6.59/kg
    Diced chicken £5.99/kg

    BBQ Selection

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    Mediterranean Lamb Shish £2.29 Each
    Chicken Chorizo Shish £1.89 Each
    Beef Rump Sea Salt And Lampong Pepper Shish £2.29 Each
    Pork Sweet Chilli Shish £1.69 Each
    Minty Lamb Grills 99p Each
    Home Made 100% Beef Burger £1.00 Each
    Lamb Mint Burger 89p Each
    Beef Chilli Burger 89p Each
    Venison Burger £1.00 Each
    Pork And Herb Burger 69p Each

    Home-Made Award-Winning Sausages £7.99/Kg
    Millers Special (Pork Cracked Black Pepper)
    Chicken Piri Piri
    Our Famous Pork And Tomato
    Venison Sausage 
    Boerewors (Shop Made To Our Own Recipe)

    Ribs (Belly Or Baby Back) £4.99/5.99/Kg
    Hot And Spicy
    Salt And Pepper
    Pork Loin Steaks £6.99/Kg
    Hot And Spicy
    Salt And Pepper

    Fresh British Steak (Seasoned On Request)
    Sirloin £23.50 /Kg
    Rump £17.99/Kg
    Ribeye £25.99/Kg
    Quick Cook Bbq Steaks £11.99/Kg
    Fillet £40.00/Kg

    Fresh Yorkshire Chicken
    Any Flavour You Like: Piri Piri, Mint, Chinese, Pepper, Sea Salt, Black Pepper Garlic, Tandoori, Sweet Chilli, Mediterranean, Thai, Garlic etc
    Chicken Fillets £9.90/Kg
    Chicken Leg£3.99/Kg
    Thighs £7.99/Kg
    Wings £2.99/Kg

    If You Can’t See What You Like – We’ve Got It Just Ask!

  • Hoffal

    Lamb Liver £4.50/kg
    Pigs liver £3.00/kg
    Calves liver £13.99kg
    Chicken liver £4.50/kg
    Duck liver £6.59/kg
    Pig heart / ox heart £4.50/kg

  • English Dry Cured Bacon & Gammon

    All of our bacon products are dry cured and uk sourced and of an excellent standard.

    Back bacon £7.99/kg
    Middle (flitch) bacon £8.80/kg
    Smoked back bacon £7.99/kg
    Streaky bacon £6.99/kg
    Smoked streaky bacon £7.99/kg
    Gammon steak £6.99/kg
    Corner gammon £2.99/kg
    Gammon joints (boneless leg)£5.49/kg
    gammon joints (boneless loin ideal for smaller roasts)£6.59/kg
    Bacon chops £6.59/kg
    Ham shanks £2.99each
    Catering bacon packs 2.2kg £10.00each


  • Speciality Meats & Game

    mixed game pack (venison-rabbit-hare-pheasant) £11.00/kg
    Pheasant £4.99 Each
    Partridge £3.49 Each
    Wood Pigeon £3.49 Each
    Grouse £7.99 Each
    Guinea Fowl £7.99 Each
    Wild Mallard £5.99 Each
    Ostrich Steak £25.00/kg
    Kangaroo steak£12.99/kg
    Ostrich steak £25.00/kg
    Bison steak £35.00/kg
    Zebra steak £35.00/kg
    Veal steak £18.00/kg
    Ostrich burgers £3.99 / pack 2
    Bison burgers £3.99/pack 2
    Kangaroo burgers £3.99/pack 2
    Crocadile burgers £4.99/pack 2
    Premium beef burger 79+p
    Canadian burger 99p each (swiss cheese and mushroom)
    Chilli burger 89p each
    Pork burger 50p each
    lamb and mint burger 89p each
    Morocan lamb burger 89p each
    Venison burger £1.29 each
    Wild boar burger £3.99/ pack 2
    Wild boar steak 7.99 / pack 2
    Minty lamb grills 79p each

    Wild game and exotic meats can be subject to availablity


  • Home Cooked Meats & Pies

    All of our cooked range is prepared fresh daily on the premises and is of the highest standard.

    Fresh roast ham £1.89/100g
    Fresh roast pork £1.49 /100g
    Fresh roast turkey £1.89/100g
    Fresh roast beef £1.29/100g
    Fresh roast belly pork £1.49/100g
    Pork dripping £1.39/tub
    Potted meat £2.49/tub

    Just jane mature cheddar £3.99/pack
    Yorkshire blue £1.80/100g
    Blue stilton £1.80/100g
    Wendleydale and cranberry £1.80/100g
    Red cheddar 66p /100g
    White cheddar 66p/100g
    red storm mature £3.99/pack

    Steak £4.29
    Steak and kidney £4.29
    Meat and potato £4.29
    Chicken and mushroom£4.29
    Game pie (venison hare rabbit pheasant) £1.99
    individual steak pie £1.99

    Cornish £2.49

    1lb £3.50
    8oz £2.00
    Stilton and cranberry £3.99
    Hunters (roast pork stuffing apple) £3.99
    Pork Pie Wedding Cake £75.00

    We also stock a wide range of pickles chutneys and preserves